azuchi souta

To those living abroad, hello.

Thank you for referring to Syuca’s website (syuca,jp).

We have opened a website where you can purchase the items at Syuca in English.


(To purchase, you must have a PayPal account.)

We plan to gradually introduce the items at Syuca.

It will be really gradual…
We hope that you look forward to it.
We believe that international mail ordering may have its difficulties, but we hope to deliver to you the “good things” that are sold here in Japan.

Despite living in different countries, being able to communicate and say “like” through items is superb.

this is our first challenge and since there are many things that you are not used to doing, we may cause you some inconveniences, but if there is anything that you have noticed or if there is anything that you are not sure about, please contact us.

Thank you.


(I am not good at English.I am sorry….)