Return Policy

This page contains details about returning products purchased through our online shop. We would appreciate it if you could check the following details before purchasing. Also, please note that for over-the-counter purchases we do not accept returns under any circumstances.

□ Determining whether or not returning is possible

If you would like to return products, please check the "Returning conditions" and contact us at email within 5 days of receiving the product.

[ Contact details for returns ]
Syuca []
6-15-22 Tanimachi, chuo-ku, Osaka

For email inquiries

□ Returning conditions

1) Returns due to our own inadequacy.

・If the product is defective
・If you receive the wrong product

2) Returns due to your own reasons.

・Different to the color you imagined
・Different to the size you imagined

We can not accept returns in the following situations.

・If you have already used the product
・If the product was damaged after you received it

□ Whether or not shipping costs will be incurred for the return

We will cover costs incurred for the return and re-sending of the relevant product, however if the return is due to your own reasons (2), please cover the shipping costs involved. We appreciate your cooperation.